Monday, November 14, 2011

Skinny Little Stocking

This little stocking is made using my Raggy Saggy Christmas Stocking pattern (check out for the pattern). The directions in the pattern indicate stitching lines on the stocking pattern shape, then cutting 1/2" away from the stitching for a seam allowance (which is then clipped and washed in your machine). This version utilizes the stitching lines for cutting lines, thereby making the stocking very skinny. This isn't the stocking to fill with CD's and other wide things, but it's great for candy and lady's shavers, and lipsticks and nail polish--and little bars of hand-made French soap, etc.

I stitched a little Christmas quilt to hang up this year... and I'm sorry, I don't have the pattern ready yet. It might be one of those things that appears for next year's new pattern line! I thought you might want a peek anyway!

This is a close-up of one of the four main sections of the quilt!

Oh, I just love Christmas!!!


  1. You do such beautiful things. Can't wait to see your Jubilee tree this year!

  2. Hi Miriam,I enjoyed meeting you today and seeing all of the fun things you created. I'm following your blog now and am looking forward to seeing all of the fun things you create and decorate.