Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas Projects with Scrapbook Paper!

Maria Peregrina created this wondrous storyboard, with our new scrapbook paper.... and made this magnet board (paper glued onto pre-made magnet board). Beautiful, isn't it? Of course, Maria included some cards and holiday decorations, too!

Here are some other of Maria's creations:

The "NOEL" banner is wonderful, isn't it? And Maria used the Cricut electronic cutter to create the snowflakes! I asked her to make two banners--one used on the storyboard, and one for a tree which features all sorts of paper decorations.

Close-ups, of course:

The star was created from a tin star we had, covered with cotton batting, which I brushed with glue, and sprinkled chunky snow flakes from a jar.... the pleated cocarde was made from two 3" x 12" strips of paper, glued end-to-end, and pleated. The smaller cocarde is from one 1 1/2" x 12" strip, and a covered button is placed in the center. The sides of the star are covered with a pleated wired ribbon, glued to the front, then folded around to the back. You can also see a star (rusty tin base) covered with paper and a cocarde.

I made the paper doll by covering a wooden spoon with an image I drew and color-copied, and decoupaged. The clothing is scrapbook paper which is backed with cardstock. The wings are made from a wooden heart shape, covered with paper.

And a larger star, with the edges of the cocarde finished with Martha Stewart's wonderful edger.

Now, I remember I promised you a look at the paper snowflakes:

This paper snowflake is made from 1" strips of water-color paper (about 70 lb. paper). The strips are curled using one of the old wire curling tools. I hot-glued them together. The center is a series of five hearts, then more hearts at the intersections, and a lot of curly, meandering swirls on the outside.

Now, we'll escort you to the foyer next to the offices in back of the store:

Paper-covered topiaries (floral supply) in pots, with shredded crinkle taupe paper inside to cover the green form. Annie used the Cricut to make the stars on the wreath.

The little star at the top was gold--and I sprayed it cream to match the topiary!

And as a final tribute to paper, I'll give you a sneak peek at the gazebo (which you will see next time!):

I cannot tell a lie--I saw this on Pinterest! Isn't it awesome?????

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  1. Beautiful decorations, love using paper to make ornaments, since I have obnoxious cats, lol. There are so many beautiful papers at the craft store now, the possibilities are endless.