Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Drapes for a Country French Bedroom

Floor-length drapes give such a wonderful look to a room and windows. For a while, I had some valances above the window, with some pleated window shades below. While it was a good temporary fix, this is what I wanted for the bedroom. The bedroom has a Country French feel, and the bed is dressed with a quilted coverlet--the dark red for the winter, and a light-color for the summer.
I began by measuring the distance between the lower edge of the bar to the floor, plus a couple of inches so they would puddle on the floor. I first cut a 10" x 53" strip from the plaid (for each drape) and an 83" x 53" strip for the length of the drapes plus a 3" hem. That included a 1/2" seam allowance. You will need to measure you own window area to adjust the lower part of the drapes. I spaced the ties above 5" apart, so I had to cut 9 pairs of 2 1/2" x 8" ties for each drape. (That was 36 in all, for both drapes). I also cut a 3 1/2" x 53" strip for a back facing. Either fabric will do for that.

I ironed the ties in half, length-wise, with wrong sides together. Next, I placed the raw edges inside the tie, touching the center, and closed it and pressed the edges inside. I stitched the ties, next to the folded edges, as a continuous strip of ties, and set them aside.

Next, I attached the top to the drape panel using a flat-felled seam. After the drape was assembled, I cut the lining (white, light-resistant) about 5" shorter than the drape panel. I pinned them wrong sides together, and trimmed any excess lining away so they were the exact width of the drapes. Pin along the edges, then turn under 1/4", then 1 1/4" for side hems. Stitch with matching thread.

At the top, baste the pairs of ties to the right side of the drape top, 5" apart. Adjust if necessary. Zig zag along one edge of the facing, and place the facing right sides together with the top edge of the drape, enclosing the ties. The sides will overlap on each side. Stitch together through all layers, and press the seams toward the facing. Flip the facing over the top, to the back side, press, and tuck the edges of the facing inside and hand-stitch in place.

As a final step, Tie the drape onto the rod, just with two of the ties (one at each end of the drape) just to see how deep of a hem you will need. remove the drape, press under 1/4" along the bottom edge, then along the hem. Hem stitch onto the back side of the drape (I use my Bernini, with Foot #5). Voila!


  1. The curtains are beautiful and the room looks wonderful with the french country style. I really need to make curtains for my windows.


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