Sunday, October 26, 2014

Quilt Market, Houston, Texas--The Latest Adventure!

This is the George Brown Convention Center, in downtown Houston--the scene of every October's Quilt Market and Festival. The hotels, cab drivers and restaurants in the vicinity know this is their biggest time of the year, and they all know about the 'quilts'.... Little do they imagine what is inside the building--and after Quilt Market, the Festival is open to the public, and they come en masse! It's the ultimate pilgrimage for the avid quilter!

So, my day began on my arrival, on October 22--where we began by looking at a Bernina store near the airport. This store has changed their inventory from bolts of fabric to all pre-cuts--2-yard cuts, 1-yard cuts, 1/2-yard cuts, and fat quarters. When I asked the clerk how this new kind of fabric presentation was received, she said that the younger crowd loved it, but the older crowd didn't like it as much.

Most of the fabrics were either Moda or Benartex.

On Thursday, our day began early. This is how our booth looked as we were beginning the process of decorating--not so beautiful. Covering the tables was one of the first things, but we also hung special quilted curtains as a backdrop for the beautiful quilts which were arriving via Fed X and UPS. We un-boxed the quilts and little accessories and began making decisions as to where the main quilts would be hung.

So, one corner at a time, we put it together..... notice the covered pumpkins and little fabric pictures made by Sydney! I made the little dress with the striped skirt--Pati made the other three little dresses. And what a great quilt!

Here is a close-up of the covered pumpkins, sitting on a wonderful table runner--all Sydney's handiwork!

I made the little dress and the stuffed animals....and look at the wonderful quilt from the Aunt Grace line of 30's fabrics!

And a beautiful quilt made by my cousin, Christine Echols (her design and custom quilting) adds to the little vignette!

Here is another one of Sydney's fabric pictures--and our personal favorite!

Another one of Sydney's pictures with Christine's little quilt underneath the purple flowers--and it really added to the purple vignette! I happen to know that Christine's favorite color is purple!

I made the little dress--it's an Izzy and Ivy dress pattern! So cute!

I put this little vignette together.....with a collection of small quilts!

And this is my little display for the 'What's New' review.....

And this was one of my favorite displays in the 'review'..... I have always liked primitive folk art!

So here are a few things I saw that I thought were interesting:

I really loved this booth--it's the kind of place I could live in!!!

I like the modern quilt in the center--and the wonderful old bicycles! Now I know what I need to do with my old bike!

Fantastic jacket!

Love the colors!

...and the lettering is fabric wound around rope!

This was a display in Free Spirit's booth--notice the 'knock-off' of Vanessa and my pattern for the little tent.... Ha ha! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

This is Jennifer Sampou (on the right), in front of her wonderful new quilting line of fabric--and her interesting quilts! I have always admired her work!

I liked the fabric baskets--I know they have been around forever, but I still like them!

...And of course, I still think Amy Butler is the best! I love her exotic and interesting fabric and patterns!

And a little bit of 'Tula Pink' with her collection of brights! She has a new Bernina sewing machine with her signature!

I liked this presentation very much--love the interesting wall hanging and the colorful pillows!

Here's Heather Bailey's wonderful booth! When I saw this in set-up mode, without the pillows and quilts, I noted the antique sofa with the wood painted with cream-color chalk paint and a medium grey upholstery! It was so striking with the warm tangerine walls--made me want to paint a room in my house just that color and find a sofa to upholster! Oh, so many things to do on my list of things to do!

Here, at last, is the Moda booth--and one of my favorite designers from Zen Chic! Her work is fantastic!

More Moda! This is Vanessa's friend, Deb. 

Still more Moda--from the Bonnie and Camille line, this is Camille....

I just liked the clothing and the colors of the display....

This was one of the quilts in the huge display area of Quilt Market--quilts especially designed for exhibition. I wasn't allowed to photograph many of the quilts, but this one really caught my eye! 

When I see things like this, I makes me want to run into my sewing machine and just stitch something fantastic together--It seems like far too many of the things I create have some sort of 'purpose'.... I have a place in my entry that needs something special. Perhaps one of these days....

Hope you enjoyed the 'trip' to Houston! 


  1. Love seeing all of the photos from the show and fun to see your perspective on the show. I tend to make things for myself for a purpose but I love making fun things for friends or local auctions.


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