Monday, January 27, 2014

Le Bain Acquires New Chandelier!!!

Yes, Christmas day was a red-letter day!!!! My daughter-in-law Carly lugged in a large box, and said, "Be careful--it's fragile." So, once we got everyone gathered in the living room, we all took our turns opening our gifts. Eventually, the big box came to me, and I carefully ripped off the paper and took a look! Voila! The RED chandelier emerged!

Now, I have to tell you that I had been looking for just the right chandelier for this little bathroom, which also has a wonderful soaking tub in the left side of the room....and the hunt had not been too successful. I was looking for something a little different!

Meanwhile, Carly knew what I was looking for--and she has enough panache to know a treasure when she finds it--so when she found the HOT PINK (Yes, that's right, hot pink!) chandelier, she knew that my chinese red cabinets (which I think you already know about from an earlier post) needed to have that color repeated in the little soaking tub room! Is this perfect!!!!! And my friend, Betsy said, "Oh, I have some extra crystals--real crystals--that will add greatly to this light fixture!" So, they are on their way, and will bling this up even more!

Carly used spray paint. Easy, yes? Now, just think of what you can do!!!!

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