Sunday, November 11, 2012

Le Boudoir

I have collected fabrics for several years, hoping that when I had a permanent place to live, I could make the master bedroom into one I really loved. I started by painting the walls a pale robin-egg blue, and decided I would add taupe, cream, and cranberry red accents. As you can see, I got a pretty good start last week.

The 24" box-edge pillows are at the back of the bed, and are nice for reading in bed! I finished them with a very narrow piping, from a taupe/cream check. I decided to make two new sets of pillow cases, as well. First thing you need to do for pillowcase fabric is to wash and dry it! You don't want those finished cases shrinking after you wash them for the first time!

I found some beautiful batik fabric and used that for the front sets, trimmed with taupe/cream and a little folded edge of the red print. The second set are a brown/cream print, trimmed with a small brown/cream print, and a folded edge of red print.

Since the batik has a taupe flower design, I chose some wonderful pin-tucked taupe fabric, and covered medium-size cording with red fabric to trim the outside edge.

Now, I'm not really finished with the pillows, but will add more later. Of course you will get to see those, too!

I have a wonderful antique cupboard. I removed the glass door, and decided to store extra quilts and linens inside!

The beautiful lace and embroidered doilies that hang over the edge of the containers inside were made by my mother. There are a few other treasures, as well, including a little doll made in Poland, which was given to me back in the 1950's by my Aunt Emily. The antique quilt on the bottom was pieced by my paternal grandmother, and lovingly hand-quilted by my sister and mother, given to me as a wedding present. The little picture is a pen-and-ink drawing by my mother, depicting our childhood home. The little box on top belonged to my maternal grandmother.

I decided to add a pleat in the center of each side of the dust ruffle. I trimmed the bottom edge with a taupe/cream polka dot, for a little whimsy. The red buttons are covered and stitched to hold the bottom of the pleat open.

I love the little wrought-iron table, and thought it a perfect place to showcase my painting of Adam and Eve. This is the moment Eve has consumed the apple and is letting Adam finish his nap before she tells him what she has done. Every woman knows what she is thinking at this moment!!!

How I love toile! I have been saving this piece to cover the pad on this little wrought-iron bench. It was pretty easy. I stitched a zipper into the back side piece, then made some tiny piping (tan/cream check again), and stitched it together! The bench used to be cream--I made a bad mistake in painting it black--now I'm going to have to make it cream again! It will have pillows soon, as well! Something left to do another time!

I found this wonderful little towel hanger a few years ago. I loved the look of the old spigots and thought this would be perfect in my bathroom. The print was a purchase I made when I visited London many years ago.

And here is the towel holder in the soaking-tub room. I do love that shabby chic look! I'll give you a peek at the tub soon....I have some hand-painting I am doing above the tub.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into 'la boudoir.' It's one of my favorite places in the house!


  1. I really love your bedroom and the lamps, a room that anyone could relax and fall asleep in.


  2. I love it, and I particularly loved hearing about your family heirlooms. We have the same family but different heirlooms-- and I love seeing yours!