Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome to My Studio

This is where it all happens! I finally have a space in which to create all those wonderful things yet un-made! My table is extra long, and has already proved itself invaluable, for throwing the quilts around as I quilt them on the machine! The weight of a quilt can really drag you down, because it takes a lot of effort to keep it moving smoothly as you do free-hand quilting. Of course I like to surround myself with things that mean something, so I have a giant magnet board to hold pictures of kids, grand-kids, and things to inspire me! Vanessa's doll, 'Samatha,' stands guard until she goes to live with Vanessa, Kevin and Olive! The old soda pop case was from our granary in Colorado--back on the ranch! And I love sunflowers, so I have a lot of them in this room.

I have an old loom, given to me by my parents' good friends, Rhoda and Lester. It used to belong to Rhoda's sister, Eunice. I am keeping my buttons in the apothecary jar, and behind it is my sunflower quilt, which I made for myself. I have made very few quilts that get to stay in my house, and this reminds me of the sunflowers that used to decorate the lane that we used to walk when we drove the cows back to the house to be milked, each evening!

This paper parasol hides an ugly fan that had pink foam hearts glued to the blades.... so I removed the blades and wired the parasol to the light fixture until I can afford a new fan....although I like the looks so much, I may leave it for quite a while!

And here is one set of the wooden shelves that house my fabric, felt, sewing supplies, and treasures!

I put stuff everywhere.... even by the closet, one of elinor peace bailey's dolls stands guard...

And another quilt, hung above my drawers full of thread!

So happy you could come for a visit! I hope you all have places that inspire you! Women have always been able to find ways to build nests; it's part of what we do!


  1. Wonderful room to create in. I have some of my small quilts on the walls and love having my own space that I can go hide and create.


  2. I love all of it, but especially the parasol light fixture. I realize the day may come (especially in Southern Utah!) where you'll need a ceiling fan. But wow, what a light!