Thursday, July 26, 2012

From a Sow's a Silk Purse.....Country-Style

The Laundry Room Make-Over

This is our new/old house, with Michael and I posing at the front door. You can't possibly see the grins on our faces, but they are there. We searched almost two years to find this place. Now I know you are thinking, "What on earth? Is the roof pink and blue?" And the answer is yes. It was the first question we asked our painter, and he said that yes, it can be painted--after an etching process. The white exterior will also be a new color, so stay tuned for that.

Here is a little photo of our kitchen area. To the left, out of sight, is a pantry--probably about 10' x 12'--with a laundry area. I didn't take a photo of the grime, but this gives you a little feel of the adjacent room:

Note the broken glass on the fan.... and the lovely 'pinkish' cabinets. The ceiling light was taken down, when the ceiling was painted, to be replaced by an over-the-table dining light, still waiting to be discovered.  More of that later.....

Now let me tell you, the state of the pantry was something to behold. The shelves were all dark pine green (morbid), so I started to de-grease so we could paint, when lo and behold, it was CONTACT PAPER, not paint!!!! That removal process took me about three hours, then I was able to wash the shelves, and our painter sprayed them, first with primer, then with nice, clean, white paint!

Today, I re-hung the metal shelf over the washer/dryer, and added a little vignette on the top shelf. Who says laundry rooms have to be totally practical? Thanks to our brilliant electrician, Darrel, who added the light in the laundry room!

The batik was made by my younger brother, Francis, and depicts our old granary at our ranch. The little pig was created out of fabric, by some talented women in the mid-west, and purchased many moons ago at Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. The little cow is hand-carved, and belongs to my son, Mikey. His Grandpa Gourley made it for him several years ago.

The stitchery says, "My sister, my best friend." Isn't it the truth? The pattern for the stitchery and the little 'lost sock' bag is on my website:

The little ram was a purchase at a craft fair in Pleasant Grove, about ten years ago, and I hand-painted the little cupboard myself, using my 'slip-slop' method. The jar which holds my home-made laundry detergent was purchased, for about ten bucks, at Wal-mart! The laundry detergent was one of those amazing 'Pinterest' finds!!!


  1. Miriam, this is so you. I am impressed. Keep showing us the work in progress - after you've slept a few extra hours!

  2. I love how you decorated the laundry room, light and airy and wonderful art pieces. I do love the batik, beautiful piece. I know you will be redecorating and turning your new home into something you will love filled with your beautiful art.